Our Brands


Assembly Brewing

​"Assembly Brewing opened in the spring of 2019 in SE PDX on Foster Road. We specialize in brewing balanced and drinkable beers of a wide variety on our 15bbl system. Assembly is also proudly the first Black owned/run brewery in Oregon.."




"Boochcraft was founded by three friends from Ocean Beach, San Diego. They sought out to create a hard kombucha that tasted great, inspired connection, and was based in quality & whole food. Seeing the need for an alcoholic beverage with integrity, they created a craft brew you could not only enjoy, but also feel good about drinking. Millions of SCOBY’s later, Boochcraft was born with a mission to inspire vitality, support our earth, build community, and have fun along the way."


Culmination Brewing

"We are a neighborhood brewery specializing in small batch, seasonal and rotating craft beer. In 2016 we won Best New Brewery at the Oregon Beer Awards and have received many accolades since. We are loved by fellow beer-drinkers in Oregon and beyond. Come try our beer for yourself, bring your dog and stay for a pint!"



Equilibrium Brewery

"Equilibrium Brewery is an independently owned craft brewery with a taproom, beer garden, BBQ program, and retail space at 4 South Street in Middletown, NY. Our Vision: To make the best beer in the world based on MIT-trained-scientific principles, a love for craft beer, and a love of community. We brew what we want to drink and share this with you. We believe the right craft beer turns ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Experience Equilibrium – Beer Balanced by Science."


Ex Novo Brewing

Ex Novo Brewing Company

"Ex Novo Brewing was founded in the Eliot neighborhood of Portland, OR in 2014. Our mission was simple, Drink Beer, Do Good. We not only brew great beer but use our business as a platform for good in our community and across the globe by donating net profits back to charities and organizations making our world a better place."


Falling Sky Brewery

"We have a saying at Falling Sky Brewing … Let it Pour!  We’ve been in the beer business for over 20 years, with our origins dating back as Eugene's local beer supply store, "The Valley Vintner & Brewer Shop."  Inspired by Munich’s Beer Halls and London’s neighborhood pubs, it's no surprise that our enthusiasm for beer eventually led to the creation of Falling Sky Brewing in 2012.  Since then, Falling Sky Brewing has continued its tradition of making quality craft products.  From our delicious food, house made sodas and award winning thirst quenching beers… we truly bring the craft and passion in everything we do!  Come get to know us and Let it Pour! "  

Helvetia Cider Company

"We're located in beautiful Helvetia in Washington County. For the past 30 years, our main operation has been Grossen peaches, our u-pick peach farm. Our family has been here since the late 1800's. In 1891 our great grandfather made hard cider. We decided to follow in his footsteps and go back into the family business. We now have our own apple orchard, apple pressing equipment, and fermentation facility where we keg up our delicious hard cider."


Heretic Brewing Company

"In a world where the majority of beer drinkers believe mass market light lagers are the universe of beer, craft beer lovers are all Heretics. Since 2010 we have worked tirelessly to keep the industry growing and thriving, with a passion for quality craft beverages. Tucked away in a cul-de-sac in Fairfield, California, our brewery and taproom are your destination for out of the ordinary beer and cocktails. We are a community focused brewery that invites you to challenge the traditional notions of style and push the boundaries of what is possible. Embrace your inner Heretic; Don’t drink ordinary beer." 




Locust Cider

"Locust Cider, founded in 2015 by brothers Jason and Patrick Spears, started in Washington specializing in modern ciders. Our goal is to make ciders that don’t just make you say “Yum, that’s good”. We want to make you say “Hell yeah, that’s amazing!” We are not beholden to tradition, but we respect it. We love nurturing unique apple varieties to deliver the best traditional dry ciders possible. But we also love getting crazy and using the common Washington eating apple as a vehicle to create flavor combinations that make you say "Hell Yeah!" We'll try anything, as long as it's with REAL ingredients, not flavorings or artificial sweeteners."


Marz Brewing

"Founded on the premise that the art, culture, food, and liquid we were drinking and enjoying would also be enjoyed by others, we created Marz as a platform for ongoing experimental collaboration—in the beers we were brewing and with the culture of the city as well."


Mazama Brewing

"Mazama Brewing is a packaging brewery in Corvallis Oregon own and operated by Jeff and Kathy Tobin. They started home brewing in 1984 and knew they had found a passion in their new hobby. Their brewing pursuits included making beer styles that were once very difficult to find in the United States. This finally led to a long delay trip the Belgium in 2011, which provided the inspiration to start Mazama brewing."




Public Coast Brewing

"Located just 70 miles west of Portland in Cannon Beach, Ore., Public Coast Brewing is named after the only true public coastline in America: the Oregon Coast. Brewers Will & Ben use their culinary and confectionary backgrounds, respectively, to create unique takes on craft beer classics and brew original creations. Utilizing their Farm on HWY 26, they harvest fresh, intentionally grown ingredients, that you can taste in every pint. Emphasizing their vision in their motto, Beaches Forever, Beer For Everyone - PCBC is every craft beer drinker, foodie afficionado, adventurer, and four-legged friend’s favorite stop on the Oregon Coast."



Side A Brewing

"Located in the historic building of the old La Grande Firehouse, Side A Brewing is a small town brewery specializing in high quality small batch craft brews. Side A sits just along the I-84 corridor, surrounded on all sides by great breweries and sits right in the heart of Eastern Oregon. We strive to bring an experience to guests that’ll provide a lasting memory while visiting the hub of Union County. We take great pride in our continuing efforts to use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible to support the community that has embraced us."


Stickmen Brewing

"Stickmen Brewing Company began in 2012 as a brewpub based in Lake Oswego, OR. In 2016, we added a 27,000 sqft production brewery & beer hall in Tualatin, OR, which now houses both our original 7-bbl system and a 30-bbl system with four 60-bbl fermenters. In 2022 we opened our third location in Happy Valley, OR. We have 8 core beers and also offer a wide range of seasonal products such as experimental IPAs, sours, farmhouse ales, lagers, and barrel-aged beers."