About Us

Running Man's Promise:

Our Customers are our Priority

  • No minimum delivery restrictions
  • Customers get next day delivery of ordersĀ 
  • No territorial restrictions
  • Willing to deliver outside of usual delivery day when necessary
  • Smaller, yet very capableĀ 
  • We value satisfied customers over efficiency
  • Local brewers make up the majority of our business
  • Reasonable pricing for world-class beers

Running Man takes the same running philosophy to brand building. Our plan is to look through the lens of long-term brand building, and do it with a smaller amount of business partners. Each brand is a small business that we want to help grow, market and flourish in Portland. Our goal is to effectively sell and market all the brands we carry, helping them flourish in the Portland market.

Our Commitment to Portland

We live in Portland and we love where we live. We want to take care of our community and use our business to help support causes that are important to us. The Forest Park Conservancy enhances and protects 15,000 acres of public and private land within the Greater Forest Park ecosystem. Along with thousands of other Portlanders, we love this area and want to help protect it.

We are proud to be contributors and partners in the community.